Like host other operating systems, Windows 7 seems to be susceptible to hacking and malicious attacks, virus infection and other bells and whistles related to negative outcomes. Microsoft has developed certain software solutions and tools for ensuring their customers with online and offline protection. Additionally, there are third parties’ products that also may contribute well to the deal.

This paragraph will be devoted to that particular issue as computer security is under great discussion at present. We will introduce some handy hacks to consider for Windows 7.

It is worth starting with Microsoft’s solutions which are either integrated into OS or produced for running on it.

Windows Defender

Being built-in program, Windows Defender goes with Windows 7 automatically. It is not a kind of anti-virus software, as Microsoft Security Essential, for instance, (the description of this soft will be a little bit later). You will use Windows Defender as spyware for monitoring how your PC is running. It detects strange activities on your computer on a daily basis. You may enable a quick or thorough check of the system and Defender will report you about the results. It allows Windows users to keep an eye on potential threats and upgrade protection software beforehand for efficiency.

Microsoft Security Essentials

It is an original Microsoft’s antivirus program that was developed at the same time when Windows 7 was actually released. Not unlike other similar antivirus solutions, Microsoft Security Essentials is aimed at OS’s protection against outside malicious attacks and virus infections brought either from the Internet or storage devices. It is compatible with Windows 7 and provides it with a certain level of defense.

Windows Firewall

It is another security hack which was even first appeared in Windows XP, nevertheless it is more flexible in usage. The feature prevents hackers from interfering into your system through the Internet or other networks. It is automatically enabled when HomeGroup is created which stands that you don’t need to open Firewall Window anyway.

BitLocker Drive Encryption

If you want to keep your files and documents free from hackers on your computer, BitLocker Drive Encryption is at disposal. The technology securely codifies any sensitive information, keywords and documents on a PC. When you activate it, BitLocker encrypts all the information that gets into your hard disk.

Backup System

Once you want your most prominent documents not to be lost at the result of unwanted or undesired activities, Backup System makes copies for them. Microsoft has also made a good few amendments for Windows 7 in that technology.

Parental controls on Windows 7

The previous versions of Windows offered these possibilities to protect children’s computer using, too. Windows 7 suggests them as customer-friendly for their customers. You may:

  • Limit access to the computer for your kids;
  • Control the time your children play computer games;
  • Hold children harmless from dangerous content.

Without any doubt, secure internet surfing is of vital importance nowadays that is why it is likely to be not enough to equip your OS only with standard built-in solutions. To be well-prepared for the attacks of malicious technicians, one needs to think of additional ‘’weapon’’ for your Windows 7.

The world of netizens has been actively using VPN connections to the network on their internet-enabled devices, including those running on Windows 7. They have gained the reputation of respectable services for online defense. Why?

May be these could be the arguments for it:

  • A VPN makes your internet connecting encoded protecting the data passed via the web against being interfered into.
  • With a VPN an average internet user may feel more or less private online as there is the chance to hide his or her real IP address identifying who you are on the virtual space (malicious technicians might misuse it in their unknown purposes).

With that said, if you are security-concerned Windows user, you will take these hacks into consideration without hail.