Are you a computer beginner and not aware of usage patterns for Windows 7? Or you simply can’t differentiate the version from the previous Vista or XP and follow-ups Windows 8 and 10? You are on the right website. Be sure that here you will get to the heart of the matter!

About Windows 7: what’s it?

Windows 7 is an updated and improved version of Windows Vista developed for operating on personal computers. It is believed to be met in success in comparison with the other Windows OS versions produced by Microsoft. The operating system has a number of all-new features that extend users’ opportunities for software management and accomplishing of current tasks.

Windows 7 in dates and numbers

  • It was officially released in July of 2009 and came to public usage three months later, in October.
  • There are 6 editions of Windows 7: Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, Enterprise, Starter, Home, Basic.
  • All the editions (but not including Starter) are32-bit or 64-bit ones.
  • On February, 2011 the latest collection of updates, or as it is called service pack (SP), was manufactured.
  • 91% of users have Windows 7 on their computers.

Windows 7 vs. Vista and XP: the main differences

As Windows 7 is an advanced variant of its precedents, Microsoft improved a range of features following on from the users’ preferences. What are they?

  • Better browsing on the Task Bar;
  • Files and media instant search;
  • Dead easy file-sharing through HomeGroup network;
  • 64-bit processing;
  • Less memory consuming;
  • USB are recognized in a faster way;
  • Media-streaming improvements.

How to choose Windows 7 editions

As was mentioned at the beginning, 6 extra editions are available for different categories of users. Let us find out who they are targeted for:

Windows 7 Pro would be the most suitable choice for medium business, what does it include? It is a great combination of Windows 7 Home Premium and XP mode, containing all the best functions of them.

Windows 7 Home Premium is good choice for non-business average computer users. The benefit of it is that you may install it on 3 computers within one license.

Windows 7 Enterprise is targeted at large corporations with multiple tasks performed on the computers.

As you can see Microsoft has divided the version into a few categories to contribute more to the productive of work of their clients.

 Aero that ‘’makes your life’’ easier

This upgrade version (we mean Windows 7) has obtained a certain number of brand-new features which are called Aero and include such opportunities as Peek, Widgets and Shake. They simplify users’ interaction with the operating system of the PC which means that your work will be more convenient and productive.

What is Aero Peek?

The function lets you scan through the content of all the opened windows on the desktop. It can be compared with X-rays as you simply have to point to the right part of the Taskbar, and they become transparent showing all the hidden gadgets.

What are Aero Widgets?

They are various gadgets that are applied on Windows, for example, clocks which can be easily place on your desktop of the personal computer.

What is Aero Shake?

This amazing feature is used for management of your opened windows. One may shake his or her mouse to leave the necessary window in a ready-to-work state, while the others are disappearing.

Library function in Windows 7

Libraries can be misinterpreted as if they are simple folders for storing files of different formats. Still, there is a distinction between them. It represents a catalogue of folders where you can keep all the content in one place. It can be rather convenient in various situations. One of them is the following one:

Once you want to make a document to be accessible within your home network, you place it into Public documents. At the same time, there are certain ones you would like to stay private, only for your usage (they are left in My Documents). This can be dead inconvenient as you may forget where this or that file is kept. A good solution would be to store them all in the Library where you can easily find both types of documents for private and public access.

Windows 7 software

It bears mentioning that soft programs on Windows 7 are represented as upgrade and improved versions of the previous analogues. Their interface has been redesigned and become even more user-friendly, a few all-new features were added to them. One may evaluate the quality and opportunities of such basic programs, as WordPad, Paint, Calculator and Windows Media Player.

What about security on Windows 7?

Windows OS has not been released with built-in antivirus software which caused some discussing issues, among of which is its vulnerability to malware. Numerous Windows users were trying to search for a free of charge antivirus in the network, but it could be even more dangerous as those programs might be malware themselves.

With the releasing of Windows 7, Microsoft introduced its own antivirus product Microsoft Security Essentials that can be freely downloaded and installed from their official website. .It is able to scan for viruses and malware, it also stores the info on existing viruses targeted at Windows. The information is collected from other computers that run Microsoft Security Essentials.

One more security program is integrated into Windows 7. The software is not an antivirus, but it is a dead useful anti-spyware program. The aim of it is not to protect directly against damages to your computer, but to scan whether it runs well. The process is repeated every day, and you can check the state of your PC by opening Windows Defender.

As you can see, Windows 7 is equipped with certain security tools, but the network is full of dangerous hacking programs and prying eyes that is why it needs additional protection for sure. A good service for Windows 7 would be a VPN app which encrypts the traffic passed online preventing hackers from interfering onto it.

We told you about Windows 7 in brief in this article. In our further posts you will read about the details of its functioning, security and more fine opportunities for you. Keep on following our website and study up on you OS!