Many Internet users suffer from the threats springing from the Internet environment. Previously computer users were afraid of viruses because they led to slow computer work and could damage the device. But the threat became even worse in the course of time as viruses from the Net can function on a device without being revealed for months and even years. What is more frightening, the data leak and interference in user’s private life by third parties can influence the quality of a user destructively. Thus, everything a user does in front of his PC or a laptop can fall within the view of hackers by means of a web-camera captured by means of malicious program while downloading a song or a movie as an example.
Windows 8 team with a great confidence declared that the OS made such attacks impossible thanks to the leading security tools.

To stay safe and protected it is necessary to undertake all reasonable precautions provided by Windows 8:

Primarily it refers to Microsoft account required for Windows 8 running. Developers stated that this account is difficult to hack, as the password is created by the user but not a machine. Nevertheless, there are some weak points. Trying to make the usage of Windows 8 more convenient for its users, creators proposed a function that allows running several Windows 8 devices by means of one account. At first sight it seems to be beneficial for Windows 8 clients, as data on all used devices will be synchronized and there would be no need to use numerous storage devices to transfer files from one device to another. But on the other hand, if one of these devices will be hacked, all data will be at hacker’s disposal. As for the password it should be difficult to identify, thus, it is better to use special encoding programs.

One more step to protect a device running on Windows 8 against frauders was proposed by Microsoft team – Windows Defender use. This antivirus system was released as a built-in program able to identify and block all kinds of malicious software, programs and viruses. Also this antivirus software allows identifying any suspicious changes in device settings or installed programs. By means of Windows Defender an ordinary Windows 8 user can send reports about shady objects and Microsoft team will take all measures to check it.
Smart Screen is among best innovations of Windows 8. If the program identifies any kind of threat to a device, a full-screen warning will inform a user. In case the warning was detached to a new installed application, it is recommended to delete it immediately.

These facilities of Windows 8 prove the idea that Microsoft developers exerted themselves to protect its users against various kinds of malicious attacks but still the system has some weak points. And to defend sensitive information, data, messages and private life in general computer users are to think about other efficient methods of security while using Windows 8 on their devices. A subscription to a private network will be a good solution to prevent such problems. A VPN able not only to block malicious software, but encode all transferring data of its user. Cooperation of best Windows 8 security tools and a reliable VPN will make a user truly secure.