Introduction to the world of Windows 10

2015 was the year when the last created version of OS Windows 10 came into the world. Previously different devices required different operating systems, thereby Microsoft team aimed at creating a product for various devices. It became very convenient to buy a license version of Windows 10 and run it on multiple devices at home: laptops, tablets, smartphones and others. The 1st edition of Windows 10 was run at the end of winter on smartphone Lumia, which is also the product of Microsoft Inc. Five months later it was presented to the public at large as a universal operating system for multiple gadgets.

There is some misunderstanding connected to the name of this OS. Some critics even thought that Microsoft created Windows 9, but the quality of this OS was so poor, that they decided to elaborate this failed Windows version and created Windows 10 on its basis. But it was fueled by rumors and speculation.

In point of fact, Windows 10 had numerous upgrades and functions inaccessible for its younger brother Windows 8, so the software developers decided to name the operating system Windows 10.

Peculiarities of Windows 10

The last version of Windows OS attracts its users by combination of best characteristics of Windows 8 and new functions. But let’s start from the very beginning:

  • The first upgrade touches upon the ‘Start menu’, which is placed on the left side of desktop. But if a user wants to make it full screen, there is no problem. It is available to do by means of settings.

  • The developers also improved the application from the Windows Store. Now the running app is not opened in a full screen version, which is acceptable for users who are to work in various applications at a time.
  • Cortana is a virtual assistant possessing the elements of artificial intelligence. It can play music, find information on the Internet and even remind about planned meetings (in case a user gave access to personal data). It is available in eight languages (English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese).
  • Among great facilities of Windows 10 is Snap Assist. This tool allows using screen more efficiently. With Snap Assist the screen of a device can be divided into two or even four fragments. Thus, it is possible to use several applications at a time, which simplifies the work for many people. For example, photographers and editors will benefit from this function as they are to compare photos, pictures, texts, graphics.
  • Great news for gamers – Windows 10 supplies its users with integration with Xbox. Gamers can save 30 last seconds of a game, do records and screenshot of a game to show the result to other game amateurs.
  • Sophisticated Windows Explorer gives Windows 10 users access to recently used documents, applications, programs and other files of a device. There is no need to find necessary material via Recent Places link.
  • Windows 10 presented a new browser – Microsoft Edge. To reach a good speed this browser lacks blocking of commercial. But there are more essential advantages: built-in Cortana allows saving information directly from the Internet, and capability to write notes on the open web site to send it to other people as a private message makes Edge use extremely attractive for computer users.
  • DirectX 12 improves the image quality and gives access to Direct3D applications.
  • Automatic restart of OS is a great way-out for those, who don’t want to stay without a computer in working hours and prevent unforeseen restarts at inopportune moment. The system will be updated at prescribed by user time.
  • Windows developers created a special program that makes the interaction between a PC or a laptop with user’s device easy-to-handle. By means of Phone Companion it’s achievable to transfer files from a device to a computer. Programs like Office, Skype or OneDrive are available on any device with the help of Phone Companion app.
  • Universal applications from the Window Store will be available on multiple gadgets. Written on a tablet with Windows 10 OS text will be the same on a laptop or any other Windows 10 device. Thus, a user can start writing an article or a return on the way home in a train and continue doing it at home by means of a laptop or a PC.
  • Hello function makes your computer protected against deliberate criminals, who can stole the computer with the view of getting access to the document stored on a device. Hello function identifies the face or the pupils of its owner, and in case the program sees the real human being but not his photo it unblocks the system and it is ready to work.

    Functions that are not supported by Windows 10

Some functions for Windows users became unavailable by reason of their irrelevance. The list is given bellow:

– the function of ‘FM-radio’;

– buildings charts are not available for Windows 10 users living in particular regions;

– the app ‘Calendar Outlook’ doesn’t support the function ‘Tasks’;

– enclosed in a message EML is not opened in the app ‘Mail Outlook’;

– MDM function served to protect Office documents doesn’t work on Windows 10.

Although some customary functions are not accessible for users of the last worked up version of Windows OS, still new facilities are more imposing. The lack of some archaic functions doesn’t worsen the work of OS, vice-versa, thanks to it Windows 10 became faster.

Windows OS maintained the test of time and has turned from its first version Windows 1.0 into contemporary Windows 10 with impressive changes in facilities. Functions provided by Windows 10 are remarkable even for headshakers and experts in the sphere of IT. Two names of the first and the last Windows operating systems differ only in a small dot between the numbers ‘one’ and ‘zero’, but Windows users are convinced that the evaluation of operating system worked out by Microsoft team will continue and the world will see all the capabilities of science and technology.