First of all, let’s point out that Windows 10 can be both free and paid for Windows consumers. Those, who earlier used Windows 7 or 8 can update this version of OS up to Windows 10 for free. But if a user wants to install it without usage of its previous versions, he will have to pay from $99 to $199 for a licensed OS. It is very essential to be vigilant in respect of choosing, downloading and installing OS on a personal computer, as there are a huge number of pirated copies that can lead to the damage of your device. In this situation a user will have to pay both for a new PC and for a licensed Windows 10.

.To evade this unpleasant situation follow several simple tips:

Open the official website. You should remember that it is extremely unsafe to download Windows on other websites, as installing such version of OS you may subject your PC to malware. Unfortunately, not all malicious websites are blocked by the majority of browsers, so many people prefer using VPNs to be protected against such websites.

The official Microsoft website will identify the version of OS your computer is running on. If it is Windows 7 or 8, you will be proposed to upgrade it.

If you wish to download Windows 10 installer (for example for somebody else’s computer), choose another variant.

The program will ask you several questions to identify the best version personally for you on the basis of your interests and recommend some variants.

A nice surprise – Microsoft Inc. gives the chance to get a discount. For example, if a user wants to purchase Windows 10 for a college or school study, the program will propose to check the level of his knowledge by means of testing. If a client passes it successfully, a discount of $20 will be given.

Windows 10 Requirements to pay attention to

If you are looking for an ideal OS, you will 100% be inclined to Windows 10 with its outstanding facilities unavailable on earlier operating systems. Before starting the installation of a cherished OS some requirements should be elucidated.

The demanded processing speed for a successful work of Windows 10 should be no less than 1 GHz. Windows 10 runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of this OS, but the required space on the computer differs depending on it. This, 32-bit Windows 10 requires 16 GB of free space on the hard disk of a device, whereas 64-bit version – 20 GB. In theory OS will run even if there is only 1 byte of free space on the hard disk of your PC. However, the work of OS will be slow and terrible. Free space allows updating OS, installing different programs and applications. Windows 10 will work correctly if the screen size of a device will not be less than 7 inches with resolution 800 by 600 and more.

If you have taken into account these necessary characteristics there will be no hardships to use Windows 10 on your device and try the best inventions of this OS – Cortana and Windows Hello apps.

Cortana on Windows 10

Application Cortana is a digital secretary that helps to plan the day, reminds about meetings and birthdays, finds necessary information and even gives advice if needed.

Cortana is a built-in function of Windows 10. To activate this application it is required to change the setting inside the application from ‘off’ into ‘on’. In its Home page a user can ask questions and give commands. The more Cortana knows about its user, the better it manages the tasks. While using Cortana it collects information about its user by means of requests and commands. If a user makes up his mind to give Cortana access to his private data and such programs like Calendar, Email, Planner and others the application will do a lot instead of its user.

On the one hand Cortana is a great helper and copes with various tasks, but on the other hand it is supposed to be a spy trick that helps the government to have an eye on Cortana users. To continue using this effective application it is better to find and subscribe for a reliable VPN, which will encode your data and make you confidential on the Internet. With a VPN Cortana usage will be more secure and you will not be examined by spies. One more bad news is that Cortana is accessible only in fifteen countries (among them are the USA, China, the UK, Japan, Brazil, Russia, etc.). As for other countries, their inhabitants a bare of a chance to evaluate the facilities of this Windows 10 application. A Virtual Private Network will serve to unblock Cortana wherever you are. A VPN changes user’s IP into an American or Chinese, for example, and he will download and install wishful application successfully.

Windows Hello application

Numerous modern gadgets can identify the person who uses it by means of built-in fingerprint scanner. Among companies which supply users with such devices are giants like Samsung, LG, HTC, ZTE, Xiaomi and others. Microsoft Inc. launched Windows 10 with the similar function, it identifies a face, a fingerprint and pupils of its user. Therefore, strangers will not access to the data kept on a gadget.

To start using this function, a Windows 10 consumer is to open Settings in the Start menu of a device and to change Sign-in options in Windows Hello. After these manipulations the access to the device running on Windows 10 will be accessible only for its real owner.

The facilities of Windows 10 OS can hardly be overestimated with built-in functions like Cortana, Windows Hello and Snap Assist, at the same time Windows 10 is regarded as the variant of operating system, which monitors its clients day and night. Personal information, matter of messages, search requests can undergo the leak in case a user will not be guarded safely.