The first multi-touch smartphone appeared in the distant 2007 and gained its popularity on account of unwonted and at the same time attractive control. It was very convenient to type messages and to use appliances. In five years Microsoft developers ushered into the world an OS running on both multi-touch and keyboard devices. Windows 8 amazed computer users with new facilities and is still popular.

Features of Windows 8

As any invention Windows 8 was thrown up by critics because of its difficulty in usage. In spite of this, millions of computer users became supporters of this new OS both foe computers and portable devices and appreciated numerous upgrades and innovations of Windows 8 OS.

Windows Store became a real hitch for Windows users. Earlier this function was accessible only on Android and iOS devices. Windows Store simplified the process of searching and installing of apps on a device. Windows 8 consumers had no need to search programs on the Internet, which were most frequently pirated copies or even worse contained viruses and a browser can’t identify and block them as Virtual Private Networks serving to protect their subscribers against various kinds of threats from on the Internet. The applications from Windows Store were licensed and safe for Windows 8 clients. Windows Sore supplies Windows 8 users with apps for sports, music, travel, fashion, news and others.

The function of Connected standby was one more powerful tool for users of Windows 8. This function was created with the aim to keep up the Internet connection even when the desktop of a gadget is switched off. It is very convenient for those who want to continue downloading or uploading files, email synchronizing. Besides, this tool allows fast starting and saving battery charge.

Like any other OS with Store Windows 8 requires accounts for its users. Windows Account is not just a mere formality, which gives access to the applications in Windows Store. Windows Account is a security guarantor of Windows 8 clients. To create an account it is necessary to follow several simple steps and think out a reliable password. The admission to your device will be available only for password keeper.

In the period of migration there are a lot of multinational families and the languages they know and want to use on their gadgets are also diverse. Besides, there are some people who are to communicate foreign languages by virtue of their occupations. In these situations people use their PCs in different languages and Windows 8 OS made its best to help in this uneasy issue. The function of Language switching allows its users to add necessary languages and change them as required. The number of available languages is over one hundred which is impressive as compared to Windows 8 younger brother.

Windows Defender is a built-in program for Windows 8 security. With Windows Defender pop-up windows, viruses and other malicious software are not a problem anymore as the program works in real-time conditions. In contrast to other antivirus systems Windows Defender doesn’t influence the speed of a device, that is a great plus.

One of the best Windows 8 facilities is multiple displays support. This function is relevant enough today as the specialists in such spheres as design, architecture and IT feel like using several monitors at a time. Access to several programs using one account is not just a whim, but a necessity to work efficiently.

Wireless Internet Connection was improved in Windows 8 making access to the Internet became firm, stable and modernized. Mobile broadband capability is a built-in tool of Windows 8 that allows connecting other devices to the net of user’s PC or other Windows 8 gadget. The functions of Mobile broadband capability are really impressive and deserve to be described in separate article.

Because of active Internet life (everlasting downloading, torrenting and surfing with the aim of searching necessary information) PCs and other devices undergo numerous viruses which slow down the work of a gadget and make it hardly possible. Windows 8 allows both refreshing and resetting the OS to overcome the difficulties connected with the quality of device work. Refreshing and resetting allow installing OS anew and thereby improve the work of a PC or other device running on Windows 8. The difference between these two functions lies in the data and applications which are deleted in case a user has chosen to rest the system. What is more all the data will be deleted from a device. The variant to save all the data and earlier installed applications is possible if a user decides to reset the system.

In spite of plentiful advantageous functions of Windows 8 there are haters who pass this operating system by.

Weak points of Windows 8 OS

An attempt to create a new user friendly interface failed. Most users dislike Windows 8 interface on the desktops of their PCs and laptops, as overlapping windows make the work in several applications almost impossible.

In Windows 8 forerunner Metro allowed its users to manage several tasks, opening several windows on the desktop of a computer. Windows 8 restricted simultaneous access to several applications on tablets. It was possible to work only in two programs, which became a great weakness for Windows 8 clients.

Switching between several applications became an uneasy task for Windows 8 users working with a keyboard because of lack of Alt-Tab function. One more problem Windows 8 consumers face is too big icons on desktops of their gadgets. Those, who want to enjoy large quantity of various applications can look for them on the desktops of their PCs, laptops, tablets and other gadgets running on Windows 8 OS with great difficulty.

All in all, Windows 10 lived up to users’ expectations as the facilities available with this variant of OS make the Internet access more stable and safe. The support of various languages lifted Windows 8 in the users’ eyes as it became possible to use gadgets running on Windows 8 in multinational families.